Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Snowed In Again

Thankfully, this time we have power!!  We were kind of blindsided by the snow and icy roads.  Our local weather folks didn't even have us in any kind of advisory or watch.  From the time I noticed it was snowing until I got A and myself in the car to go get Langley from school, the roads were already covered and slick.  Driving to preschool was one of my scariest parent moments!!  It took an hour from when I started loading us up until all 3 of us girls were home.  I was so relieved that I cried when I got into our driveway!

Of course these things happen when Josh is gone.  But, we had plenty of food and were warm and didn't have anything else that had to be done, so we've just stayed in pj's and hung out all day.

One of our  neighbors is reporting 4 inches of snow in their yard.  All the snow stuck immediately since it has been so cold and it's on top of some ice that was already there from last week.  I'm not a fan of snow.

I'm just waiting on Josh to get home and for the temps to get above freezing!  Everyone else is napping :-)

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