Saturday, August 3, 2013

Just a Saturday Post

Things I should've put in Aubrey's 15 month post :-)

bye bye
puppy - her favorite word!
and she makes "tickle tickle tickle" sound that Langley does with her
"baa" like a sheep and "meow" like a kitty

  • splashes like crazy in water
  • dances any time she hears music
  • claps for every "yay!" or if she hears others clapping
  • knows where her tummy is
  • pulls (langley's) hair
  • loves her paci
  • drinks from a regular sippy cup very well (and I don't warm her milk any more)
  • points at everything
  • loves to be read to
  • loves it when we put lotion on her
  • loves other babies

Mommy guilt has been hitting me so hard this past week.  It is from.the.devil.

I love Josh, Langley and Aubrey so much, I just hate to feel like I've failed them or not done my very best for them.  This happens a lot and I'm soooo far from perfect.

Every once in awhile I get so bombarded with guilt and worry I can barely function.  I'm thankful that the Lord listens and comforts me and reminds me of the truth each and every time I seek Him.  Also, I'm glad that God equips us for his will, because I am weak and imperfect and in desperate need of grace.  Motherhood has been hard lately, but I look at pictures of our days together and my heart is so full!

Langley's current favorites:  skirts, dresses, all things princess, Super Why!, and the Leap Frog shows on netflix.  She is also really into learning - wants to know how to spell things, practices letters and numbers, and wants to write names on everything.  Also, she can spell  "cat."  Her speech has improved/changed some in the past week or two.  For instance, "mouth" was "mouP, but is now "mouF."  I don't harp on her speech, but occasionally I'll help her pronounce something and I catch her practicing.  She loves all music, dancing, singing, and looking in the mirror. Ha!  Also, we are starting some some of marble jar/chart/reward system to help us all focus on the positive things she does - instead of the ugly parts of being 3.

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