Friday, August 2, 2013

15 Months

Aubrey turned 15 months yesterday and had her check up and shots today.

She weighs 21# 10oz (56%,) is 31 inches tall (66%,) and has an 18 inch head circumference (52%.) 

As far as walking, we are putting her in stride rite shoes for her waking hours hoping to correct her left foot. Shopping for them tomorrow during the sales tax holiday since she has never worn any shoes.

I'm so thankful for her healthy development!  Bless her heart she's had a rough day.  Two top teeth broke through, plus very sore from shots,  plus she got her right leg stuck in between the slats of her crib during her nap.  

She didn't cry until I went to wake her up for a snack. She was in pain and I couldn't get her out or break the slats (I tried everything!) and I couldn't reach Josh.

I finally called my neighbor who was at work to go to joshs office and tell him to get home. I was seriously about to call 911. It was a pretty awful situation.   But, josh got to the house and was able to pull the slats apart enough for me to move her leg out.

I don't know how long it was stuck, but that poor baby is hurting so bad.

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