Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Still Attempting...

 ...to get the matchy-matchy picture.  Aubrey is much more interested in getting ahold of Langley's hair than looking at the camera.

Fail  :-)

Oh, and Aubrey had her 6 month appointment today!  She didn't cry until the shots, such a change from all her other appointments!  She is in the 55% for height and weight, weighing 16 pounds and measuring 27 inches long. 

We hope to start solids this week, then in a month or two change to Gentlease formula, then in another month or two switch down to zantac from the prevacid. Time will tell how that little tummy will do!

1 comment:

Becky said...

I can not believe Aubrey is 6 months old!!
I love Langley's expression while the baby grabs for her hair. Classic big sister I'm-gonna-ignore-you face. :)