Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bright & Windy & Weird

We spent a little time outside again on a pretty afternoon, but it was a little too windy, and, we didn't last long.

Fun fact about this girl:  she is putting everything in her nose.  Seriously.  Lunch meat, scrambled eggs, paper, toys.  I know, this too shall pass, but, gross.  And, I have to watch her like a hawk.

Fun fact about this girl:  sometime before Christmas her jaw popped.  Now, it pops loudly every time she chews. Clearly, nothing she can do about it, but it drives me insane.  I can hardly eat in the same room her. Not sure if this will ever go away...I may need ear plugs for meal times.

But, aren't they both precious?

When I first saw these pictures 2 Samuel 22:29 came to mind.  "You are my lamp, O Lord; You turn my darkness into light."

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