Monday, May 18, 2015

Disney World! Days 4-5

We chose to do our last day in Hollywood Studios.  This worked out great because we were all tired and Aubrey needed more shade and AC since she had overheated the day before.  I also bought them the spray fans and made sure they were very well hydrated.  We also knew there would be no nap this day so we took it easy, slept in a little, and had a great day!

First. we met sofia!  Then we had lunch, rode the toy story ride, watched the little mermaid show, LOVED the frozen sing along, and then did the Disney Jr show.  We had an early dinner at the 50's prime time diner. Josh and I did sneak away for 20 minutes and rode a roller coaster.  I forget the name - the aerosmith one :-)  We have laughed so hard over the picture!

We flew home the next day!

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