Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Easter Sunday was a dreary, rainy day.  Aubrey and I went to church with my mom.  It was so nice to be at my home church!

I forgot my camera and got not a single good picture.

And these, of course, from my husband's phone...stellar and sideways :-)

Josh stayed home with Langley because she had a very irritated eye.  We didn't want to spread pink eye :-)

After church we all ate lunch at Nanny's and then went to Magnet Cove after the girls napped briefly.  Langley got to play and play and play, but I knew the whole time she was sick; more than just an eye infection.  Instinct.

Her eye never matted and looked better so we sent her to school this morning, but she was sent home with fever about 10 am.  Poor thing.  After a doctor's visit, we are battling an eye infection and fever virus.  I'm looking forward to the time we can go anywhere as a family and someone NOT get sick.  However, my girls were rockstars at the doctor's office during naptime :-)

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