Sunday, April 28, 2013

The 11th Month: April 25-28 and Our Weekend

Thursday = no picture.  Josh judged the WBC cookout, so that was fun.

Friday the girls and I had a "stay in our pajamas all day because it's raining and yucky" day. I sat down to take their picture and they tackled me.

Saturday we had a busy day!  First, we had a birthday party for Cason and Kinsley.

Then, we headed to Conway because Josh was inducted to the CBC Athletic Hall of Fame.  He still holds the record for most points scored in a single game (47) as a player.  As a coach, he lead his team to a school record 22 wins in a single season, coached the school's first academic all-american, and had players set records with the most points scored in a season  and most career blocks. These records still stand.   Proud of my man!

Leaving the ceremony, we noticed one of our headlights was out.  The same one we changed during spring break.  We got stopped TWICE on the way home. No tickets or anything, the last cop told us he was "just looking for dope."  I told him we "only had two babies,"  Then my husband says "they make me wish I had some dope sometimes."  Seriously?  Let's learn when to  God love him.

Today we went to church and officially joined FBC Walnut Ridge.  Langley bowed when everyone clapped, she is a nut.  After some good naps, Aubrey managed to pull out every toy and book in her room.

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Becky said...

We are seriously so happy/excited for Josh (and YOU!) Congratulations!