Sunday, June 30, 2013

Our Trip to "the Mountain."

This is really just going to be Part 1 of our trip last week.

Let's just say, we didn't want to go, the enemy was filling us with lies and worry, the trip started out rough.  God broke through all that.  He wanted us there, He provided the way, and we were blessed by this experience.

The week ended on a high note.

Here are just the pictures.  I'll have to process the whole trip later.  I have a to-do list a mile long as we are "back to reality" here at home.

The girls traveled pretty well.  We left our house at 4:55 am and drove straight through.  Neither of them slept much at all in the car, so when we arrived, Aubrey completely lost it.  Hyperventilated.  It was awful.

As I said, things got better.  Langley had the time of her life.  She was so exhausted she couldn't even function, fell down a million times, and was obsessed with "Halle-cake."  AKA  Halle and Cate.

Just a random picture of the place.You can't really tell, but the mountains and trees and creek were beautiful.  Definitely a change of scenery from NEA!

Note that they have on jackets.  While it was 100 degrees at home, we wore long sleeves until at least lunch time.

This one really ended up being good and having fun.

Here we are in the cafeteria.

This.  Pure joy.  Brownie all over her and in her teeth.

Josh and Aubrey beating us down the mountain to the family fun olympics.

Ya'll.  Langley had so much fun.  First event was a game were you take your shoes off and put them in a pile across the field and you have to race to find them, get back to your starting place and put them back on.  She did it, really we were amazed how fast she did it, and she laughed the whole time.  She laughed so hard during leap frog we were dragging her underneath our legs and she was just undone.  Oh, it was too much!

Langley's attempt at taking mommy and daddy's picture.

Race with a swim noodle between the legs.  Laughed the whole time.

Aubrey with her personal babysitter.  This girl was a gift from the Lord.  She loved our baby and baby girl loved her. I told her on the last day 1)  I was definitely requesting her again and 2)  if we ever go big time, I want her as my nanny!  Ha!

Leaving.  On an emotional high.  So blessed.  So thankful.

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Becky said...

Ah! I got teary looking at your pictures- what an awesome week. We are so thankful we got it share it with you guys.

PS- I'm going to steal a pic with HC&L... I was so sad that I didn't get any of the 3 of them! )