Monday, July 1, 2013

The Princesses

There is a certain 3 year old in my house that loves all things princess.  So, my mom came up and took all us girls to a local dinner theater for a "princess show."  We ate lunch and enjoyed the show.  It was all local actors, but really a nice venue.  I hope Josh and I can go for some dates!

These pictures are mostly terrible, but good enough to help my memory.  Yes, Aubrey was there, in a matching dress, but I have no pictures of her.  I was too busy wrestling her and keeping her quiet :-)

We had such a fun afternoon!  Thanks for the experience Mimi!

Insert good transition here...Aubrey is 14 months old today! She is teething like crazy (still only has 2 you can see.) not walking, becoming a great eater, sleeps good (still 2 naps a day when we are home,) loves to play, loves puppies, tries to repeat everything we say but it all mostly comes out "dada" just with different inflections, waves, claps, gives five, hugs, kisses, and loves people.  Still very loud and impatient, loves bath time, started paying more attention to tv, and is pretty attached to the paci.  Love that baby girl so much it hurts!

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