Monday, July 15, 2013

The Time the Dr Told Me to Put Preparation H on My Baby's Face

Thursday morning Aubrey woke up with red bumps all over her face.  She had been attacked my a (ONE) mosquito as she slept.  I counted 8 or 9 bites on her face - just her face.  I felt horrible.  I couldn't believe she slept through that.  Poor Baby.

Thankfully, she wasn't scratching and she really didn't seem to notice they were there. Saturday morning she still looked awful so I called the doctor's office and they recommended preparation h to reduce the redness and swelling.  We didn't have any and I haven't made it to the store.  Most of the bites are looking better this morning, so I don't know if I'll even go the Prep H route.  I've heard it works wonders for bags under your eyes, so we may invest :-)

The mosquitoes didn't even arrive until last week - later than ever since we've lived here.  But, they are vicious.  Most of ya'll don't have a clue about the mosquito situation we endure here in north east Arkansas.  No clue.  If you live in a rice field then you can relate.

Anyway, there's that story.

Other things:  The girls and I went with Josh to recruit last night, other than Aubrey throwing her turkey all over the kid's dad, it went well.  We have another team camp Tuesday and Wednesday; and we should be another step closer to selling our house (or lose another contract) in the next day or two.  Aubrey is super close to her first steps.  I'm so ready for Langley and I to get our hair cut, we are donating it so I think I'll wait 2 or 3 more months.

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