Monday, July 1, 2013

More on Our Trip to FCA Camp

We pulled out of our driveway at 4:55 Monday morning.  We had to be there no later than 5 pm so we gave ourselves extra time to make the 9.5 hour trip, keeping the time change in mind.  We stopped several times, felt rushed and tense, but overall everything went fine.  Got to camp before 4 pm, I felt very rushed and like the check in process was unorganized, part of that was our fault since we didn't have everything filled out, but we really went into this blind.  Especially me, I had no clue what I was getting myself into, and I don't do well with that.  I like to be prepared.

Anyway, we got checked in but they told us to run to the children's meeting because it had already started.  By the time we got to our room (which was like a hotel just with no tv, and actually a little more spacious,) there was just a few minutes before dinner.  We had a car full of heavy luggage to carry down a mountain.  Thankfully JD helped Josh with this.  Aubrey had lost it at this point.  I was losing it.  Langley was delirious, but just wanted to do the opposite of whatever we told her.  Example: L- "I hungry."
Me; "I know baby, after daddy gets back with our stuff we can go eat."
L- "I not eat!  I go on my trip!  I not eat." Accompanied by crying/whining/throwing self down on floor.

We had no time to set up the pack and play, arrange the room, find anything, figure anything out.  All I could think was, "everything I dreaded is happening."  So, that first night, Josh and Langley went to dinner and chapel and Aubrey and I stayed in the room.  I had to send her babysitter away that first night because I just couldn't handle it.  Aubrey was screaming and so upset that she hyperventilated.  Just like the first night of our spring break trip - which resulted in her having croup.  I finally got her calmed down.  I don't know if it's she's overly tired, scared of the new surrounding, uncomfortable in the pack and play - or a  combination of those.  But, man that first night was awful.

We slept enough for me to be able to face the next day.  After breakfast, Aubrey's babysitter came, Langley went to her class, Josh and I had chapel, then our huddle time.  The men did competition then bible study, the women did bible study then activity.  I actually went back to the room after bible study;    the first day was to check on Aubrey, the second day was to pick up the contract on our house and deal with the realtor and all that; by thursday I just figured it was too late to do bootcamp or yoga :-)  If I ever get to go back I'd like to do an activity.  So Tuesday and Wednesday were much the same.  After lunch we would take a nap and shower before dinner.  After dinner was babysitter/chapel/Langley's class. After evening chapel I would go put Aubrey to bed and Josh would go to the "social" for a little while then pick up Langley.  It was 10pm by the time they got back.

Thursday instead of breaking up in our small groups, the women had a guest speaker.  Also that afternoon we did the family fun olympics, because Aubrey had taken a almost 2 hour morning nap and we new we could survive!  And, that night I actually went to the social for a little while.  So glad I did and got to visit with Amanda and John.

Ya'll God was in every detail.  We are so thankful we got to spend the week with the Parker family and also I got to know the Engstrom's.  In addition to these friends, in my small group were wives of coach's from the Colt's, Eastern Carolina, University of Houston, Wake Forest, plus other jr high and high schools.  It was a great group and was encouraged by each of the ladies.  They 100% understood the lifestyle of a coach's wife and they loved Jesus.  Now, I was the only basketball wife in my huddle, but it was so nice to be  with and to worship with people in very similar circumstances.  Such a blessing.  And, I am totally cheering on their teams!

I'm so glad we went.  We needed it.  Such good memories.  All the work and effort it took to make this trip happen was totally worth it. And we are so thankful to those who provided this trip for our family!

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