Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Full Week

Yesterday was WBC homecoming, so the whole week was full of activities.  There was senior night for Volleyball Monday, Tuesday was our first basketball game, Wednesday was Harvest festival, Thursday was Halloween, Friday night was a little pep rally, and Saturday was Langley's last soccer game and our homecoming game.

After the first week of basketball we are 2-0!  Both games were high scoring.  Tuesday we scored 111 and Saturday 125 points...I kind of feel like that puts a giant target on our back.  I'm very proud of the team and I think if we keep improving (especially on defense) each game, then it will be a fun year!

Saturday we played CBC for the first time since we left.  I didn't know how that would feel; but I'm glad it's over, I'm glad we got to see some of our favorite Conway people, I'm glad Bean was the only familiar face on the bench, and I'm glad the Eagles won!

We also got to see the grandparents because they came up Saturday.  Goodness, it was a full but fun week!

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