Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Very Random

After the girls woke up from their Sunday nap Josh and I almost went crazy and we called one of our trusty babysitters for a very last-minute-we-are-desperate for a date.  She was here an hour later.  Our hot date was grocery shopping and a steak from Dons.  Yes, we were in sweats.  It was heavenly.

Yesterday was so weird.  The kind of weird where you wake up, rush to throw on some clothes, and you discover your deodorant has vanished.  I tore the bathroom apart looking for my deodorant - even looked in the trash.  It was gone.  That stuff makes me feel so crazy.

Anyway, it was a crazy morning.  I took Langley to the doctor for "the cough."  There's no infection or signs of wheezing, so it's the "reactive airway" thing.  Allergy meds, nebulizer, and a few days of 'roids.  Bless her.

I also sold some toys on a local online yard sale and Langley freaked when we drove away from meeting the buyer. I didn't even sell her toys.  There are still millions of toys in our house.  I just laughed all the way home.  Sidenote:  I about freaked when the buyer's son GOT IN MY CAR. Thankfully, he was out before I ended up on the news.  Two words:  home training.

And randomly, I got some girl time last night when I met some friends at McD's.  We sat and talked for 2 hours.  Very thankful for that!

That's all.  I'll have some pictures next time :-)_

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