Friday, July 18, 2014

Day 1-3 of "the tour."

Day 1 : The trip down was easy. We got to Nana's house and went to visit the family and swim with the Tanaka cousins. The rest of the evening was just some QT with Amber and Nana.

Day 2:  We started by going to Springlake to visit Makenna at the state FCA camp.  We saw lots of familiar faces!  Then, we headed to Family Farm and the girls had a blast while we visited with the May's.  While the girls napped, Josh and I went to get some cavities filled at "Michael Michael's " office and stopped by to see Sharon at her store.  That night, we headed to Arkadelphia for dinner with Nanny and then some playing on Mimi's carport.  We thought we were in heaven being able to go outside with no mosquitos.

Day 3: We had time with Nanny and Memaw!

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