Thursday, August 28, 2014

L & A

As you can see, someone was not interested in taking pictures.  

I'm loving my days with these girls.  Now, we are not without major frustration and whining (all 3 of us are guilty of this some days,) but in general, these are pleasant ages.

Langley will just wake up on a random day and be so much more mature.  Or, her speech and communication will suddenly improve, or her motor skills will surprise me.  She asks me so many questions every day.  It's unreal.  I know it's normal.  But, holy moly, it is unreal how much she talks and how many questions she asks.  The child who didn't string more than 2 words together at almost 3 years old, will now not stop talking.  I've usually reached my first "question limit" by 8:30 am.  

Her thing today has been dressing her barbies and princess dolls.  Yesterday, she would have whined and asked me to fix their dress OR paid zero attention to them.  Today, she has dressed them all, fixed the hair,  and they are sitting on the couch with us, she never once asked me to help or got frustrated.

Aubrey is hilarious.  She's two.  She is my baby.  I'm really into soaking up the baby-ness with her.  Langley was a big sister at this age, so I missed a lot of this sweetness.  

Not to sound dramatic, but everything she says is adorable and precious.  She has a major lisp, but talks almost as clear as big sister.  She is sweet, happy, joyful, and excited about life - things I thought she may never be when we were in the middle of "the screaming."  She is still a great napper and sleeper, but I am more relaxed with her and if we get off schedule, she and Langley handle it pretty well!

These sisters are the best.  They are pretty different in personality, but their sisterly bond is already evident.  They drive me crazy, but bring me immeasurable joy.  I love it!

I told Langley to "make a face like Aubrey."

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