Monday, August 9, 2010


I'm a huge nerd and I LOVE that today's date is 8-9-10.  I actually smiled when I wrote in on a check this morning. It's the simple things, right?  Whatever, you just called me a nerd...I'm OK with it.

School is getting closer and closer and I feel not-so-prepared, but at the same time a little excited.  I'm not going to lie, this time of the year, and move in day, and other big event days were my favorite part of my job.  I'm pretty good at planning for big things and got pretty good at dealing with mild chaos and wacko parents in 100 degree heat.  It feels VERY weird not to be involved, in fact, I'll be away at a conference on move-in day this year.  But, I'm so happy to be in my current teach some classes-advise some students-stay at home with Langley situation!

Today was so busy.  Just lots of little things.  I did not sit down or turn on the TV until 4:56pm.  At that point, I needed a mental health break.  Thankfully, Josh had just gotten home so I sent him out again for a hot and ready pizza.  So, for the past hour, Langley has napped, Josh has played WII golf, and I have read blogs, checked email and ate dinner.  We're fancy people.

I need to do a post about Langley eating cereal for a week and trying sweet potatoes today.  But, I don't want to download pictures right now.  Sorry.  I hope you enjoyed your 8-9-10!

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