Sunday, August 15, 2010

twenty eight

  1. I turned 28 last Wednesday.  28 sounds middle-aged.  28 sounds really old to a 20 year old. 
  2. I am looking forward to using my pedicure gift certificate that Josh got me.
  3. Also last Wednesday, Henry got sick.  He vomitted many many times.  My carpet is ruined. 
  4. Henry went to the vet on Thursday.  For the second time since we have owned him, he contracted a bacteria from eating another animal's poop.  He's a poop eater.  He licks us in the face, sleeps on our pillow whenever he gets the chance, and also enjoys eating poop.
  5. Henry LOVES the special wet dog food he gets to eat while recovering.  He will tackle you for that nasty stuff.
  6. I went to a workshop last Friday and Saturday and really learned a lot.  I learned what a sucky teacher I had been in the past, but I now have tools and ideas to improve!
  7. I am in denial that school starts this week.  I think it is a protection mechanism, because if I think about it, I get very overwhemed and feel behind and unprepared.  I hate those feelings.
  8. Langley stayed in Arkadelphia during my conference.  I think everyone enjoyed the experience.
  9. Langley apparently was very sweet while I was gone during the day despite some wardrobe issues that my mom was having trying to dress the child.  :-)
  10. Swaddling is an art.  Unfortunately it is an art you must know to get my child to nap.
  11. It has been so hot in my own house that Langley has been sleeping on the guest bed (surrounded by pillows.)  Refer back to the swaddling.  77 degrees in the house is not condusive to being wrapped up and comfortable.
  12. Thankfully, for whatever reason, the guest room stays 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the house. 
  13. I would bet our AC unit is older than me.  And I'm 28.
  14. You know you've reached a turning point when you have to fight the urge to use all of your birthday money on bills or getting your oil changed or medicine for your poop eating dog.
  15. CBC is busting at the seams!  We are looking at close to 220 new students.  When your total enrollment was just over 600 last year, this is a big class!
  16. I keep forgetting that I can be nice to the students now.  As in, I'm not the enforcer of every rule and I can't kick them out of school.  Thank you Lord from removing me from that position!
  17. Langley has 3 dresses that currently fit her.  We started the summer with 14.  I am not exaggerating.
  18. Everyone says kids grow so fast, time flies when you have children, etc.  But I never comprehended how fast they change!
  19. All of Josh's new varsity players are transfers.  No freshmen. 
  20. Off Season starts Monday.  Pray for us.  Practice at 5:00am and again in the afternoon.  It is challenging for everyone involved.
  21. I have made more babyfood.  I made carrots this afternoon.
  22. Langley likes peas more than sweet potatoes. 
  23. I have been horrible at picture taking lately.
  24. We are very close to having a sitter!  She can sit unsupported (but wobbly) for about 30 seconds.
  25. Again, it is so hot in my house.  I have really avoided using the oven, I didn't realize how much until I counted reciepts and we have eaten out 12 times since pay-day.  Slow-the-fast-food-roll.  We will sweat to death, but I will cook again.
  26. I don't really set goals, but I want to have another baby before I'm 30. 
  27. Josh's birthday is Friday and we have to sit in meetings ALL DAY.  I don't know what to get him or how to celebrate.  I wanted to throw a party, but that is really out of the question.
  28. Josh will be 30 on Friday :-)


The Happy Hatch Family said...

Your posts always make me laugh.

Becky said...

This post made me laugh out loud. I love it. And turning 28 sounds good when you're about to turn 29! :)