Sunday, August 14, 2011

Birthday Tour

I had a great birthday!  It started the night before when Josh and I made the best dinner I've ever been a part of!  We had steak, shrimp, mashed potatos, and roasted squash and onions.  Plus we had strawberry shortcake for desert.  Oh, it was yummy!

The day of my birthday Josh was very thoughtful.  He brought me flower and sonic throughout the day   :-)    We got a babysitter that evening and headed to Jonesboro for a date.  On the way back, we had time to spare so we took a few pictures of our new location to entice our friends and family to come visit.

First we have a tractor in a field.  Nothing particularly special about this, it just demonstrates what our landscape is.

Next, we are at the plant where airplanes are disassembled.  The saudi arabian plane is interesting. 

Finally, the parachute inn.  This is a restaraunt.  Come visit us, you can eat in the airplane.  We could even walk there.

Thank you for all the facebook posts, phone calls, texts, and cards.  This birthday girl felt the love!

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The Bells said...

your pictures are cracking me up! and, if i'm ever nearby, i'll definitely call you to meet me at the airplane to eat.