Friday, October 7, 2011

End of the Week Thoughts

- It's been a hard week.  I've done nearly every meal, bed time, tantrum, bath, and nose wipe by myself.
-  I'm tired.  Isn't it funny how a baby the size of a grape can make you feel the size of a whale and more exhausted than anything in the world?
-  I never blogged about Langley being sick.  Since Monday we've dealt with croup and a sore leg.  She finished her steroids and we are now just covered in snot.  She is still lethargic and has a nasty cough (not a bark anymore.)  I am so ready for her to be well again.  I am thankful that her leg is fine, she has stopped limping, the bruising is going away, and her scab is healing.  I am so thankful it was not broken.  The x-ray people made me feel a little weird, they were definitely questioning me and trying to figure me out...I understand, though. 
- I also never blogged about our trip to Dallas last weekend for the game.  It was fun.  We sat across the aisle from the A&M student section.  We saw more civilization than we had in months.
- The mosquitos are gone from the most part, but now we have gnats.  Oh the joys.
- October is always the hardest month of the year.
- I'm going shopping tomorrow by myself.
- I've had dreams this week that the baby was a boy and that we rented out our house for $425 a month. Boy = ok; the rent = um, no. When I was pregnant with Langley I dreamed I gave birth to a litter of kittens.  I was disturbed on every level.
- I want to go on a date that includes a meal and watching Courageous.  Langley has to get better though, I don't really leave her when she's sick.  It's probably for the best this week, though.  I've been pretty emotional and I would be likely to continue crying for hours after the movie was over.

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NanaK said...

What happened to her leg?