Friday, October 28, 2011

A Quick Update

For the first time since Monday, my child is asleep during naptime!  Here are some cute shots taken by our SID.  The first is from Fall Festival at WBC, clearly Langley is minnie mouse this year!  The second, I really have no idea when/where this was taken,but it turned out good!

We had our 3rd scrimmage last night.  Things are looking better each time, so hopefully we can get our first real win next Saturday!

Langley and Josh got flu shots this morning (I've already had mine.)  It drives me insane living in a place with nothing to do and nowhere to EAT, but there are advantages like no wait at a flu shot clinic, super nice health department workers, and free shots.  It was so easy. 

We have a full Saturday planned with family time, what's that?!  A birthday party, another fall festival, and the Iron Mountain Festival, it should be fun!  Plus, I have to go on my big monthly shopping trip, such a pain that I have to drive to Jonesboro.  Really all I want is to take a nap and have some peace and quiet for like an entire day.  I can dream, right.

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