Tuesday, November 8, 2011


woke up monday to Langley covered in vomit.  dried vomit.  it took hours to clean up the child, the bed, the laundry.

Langley's behavior has been horrendous today.  so bad.  also, no nap. 

we lost our first away game tonight.

it is pouring down rain tonight and there is a leak in our roof.  ironically, i had put my purse and other things in the hall in case there was a tornado.  the leak was dripping right into my purse, which is how i discovered this problem.

Josh lost a family member today.

we've had an invasion of ladybugs.  i counted 5 around the light fixture above our table.

at the end of each day, after i put Langley to bed, my body feels broken.  like every part of me hurts.

i needed 3 things.  it was a 45 minute ordeal to get those items.

Rest assured, I am thankful for a healthy child, a home, a husband, money to buy things, and the freedom to vent on my blog. 

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