Sunday, April 27, 2014

I Will Try Not to Complain About T-Ball...

...but it was only cute the first inning.  They are all so clueless. I'm sure I'm in the minority, but it is just not amusing after the first game.  AND.  The season runs through June.

We had a busy week with 2 t-ball games, an athletic banquet, a date to the Imperial theater to watch my friend Sherrill perform, and the McCarty birthday party.

But, this is probably the best part of any week.

She was tired from picking up one million rocks at the baseball field. Because that's what she does the entire hour.  Pick up rocks and run away from me.

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Shanda New said...

You're definitely not alone...t-ball is the torture you must endure before you get to the fun of baseball (or maybe softball, in your case). So glad to be done with that stage. :)