Saturday, April 19, 2014

My Blue-eyed Beauty

Here are some fun facts about Aubrey at 23 months old:

- her favorite book is "Hop on Pop" and she can recite it
- she is still loud and intense
- trying really hard to jump or "hop!" as she says
- she's a cuddler; she needs physical touch
- wears 24 month or 2T clothes, 7 shoes, and size 5 diaper
- has started "potty talk" a lot, but we are not even thinking about potty training until late summer
- she is MUCH more verbal and independent than Langley was at this age
- some of my favorite things she says all the time are "ready, set, go!" "that's bunny (funny)," "kankoo mommy (thankyou)," "oh dat cute."
- sings her ABC's and parts of lots of other songs
- she greets everyone, generally social, and loves "babies" (anyone under age 10 to her is a baby)
- has long and crazy hair, but we are getting it cut after her birthday. I thinks she's more of a spunky short hair girl for now
-prefers apple juice to milk (I still give her 1/2 water 1/2 juice,) still not good with utensils
- loves puppies and "b-balls"
- spends most of her time running, clapping, dancing, and shaking her booty
- identifies all her body parts, some letters, and a few colors
- she is SUCH A JOY and we are so thankful for her!

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