Friday, April 11, 2014

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party [for 2]

We celebrated Langley turning 4 and Aubrey's upcoming 2nd birthday with a joint party last weekend.

We kept it simple and had it at a state park with our "framily" (close friends and family) and team. It was a little cold, but a fun time for all!  I'm so thankful for those that were able to come celebrate our girls.

Our guests enjoying the "hot diggity dog" lunch.

Opening presents.

Attempt at a family picture.  The only one out of 20 were we are all looking.

The attempt of a sister picture (with adorable matching shirts.)  Clearly, this was successful.

4 generations. We just didn't bring our picture-taking game on this day.

Some of the decorations before I was all set up.

The cakes!

I have mixed feelings about the joint parties, but the best part?  I'm done with birthday parties for the year! Now, we will still make Aubrey's actual day special (like we did with Langley's,) but the parties are taken care of.  I hope they both felt special!!

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