Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall Mornings, Fields of Faith, and Furniture

We've had beautiful mornings this week and have enjoyed throwing on whatever clothes and playing for awhile before lunch the past few days.

The WBC FCA hosted Fields of Faith a few weeks ago at Hoxie high school.  This was the largest crowd ever since the event started in Lawrence County.  I always get so teary-eyed and proud of these students!

During fall break, the girls spent 2 nights at my moms so I had 2 nights to myself.  I started by visiting my dear friend Courtney and meeting her triplets!!  Mom gave us her old guest room furniture, so I spent my break painting and turning Langley's room into a big girl room.  I didn't have room for the box spring and bed frame, so she is sleeping on a mattress on the floor, but she loves it!!  It sure beats the toddler bed that her feet were hanging off of!

And, just for bonus, Aubrey always looks so funny in time out.  Half the time she puts herself there or wants to join her in trouble.

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