Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Looking for Treasure

My girls can not go outside without getting filthy.  I mean just getting in the car usually involves someone falling in mud or picking up some trash that has blown in the yard.

Anyway, it's always fun (when they already need a bath) to just let them have at it.  They dig and pick up and pour dirt (and ant hills) on each other's head.

They also want to pick up and "collect" everything.  A simple bag or bucket keeps them entertained for awhile.  This day, one collected sticks and the other collected rocks.  After 45 minutes I put them straight into the tub!  Langley's eyes stayed red the rest of the day - our allergies are brutal!

And, just because she's cute, here's my little buddy as we wait on sissy during her dance class.

So, September has taken the title of the WORST month for our family.  It used to be October, but now, the hardest month for us is September.  October has been a little gentler to us so far.

Happy Wednesday!

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