Wednesday, October 22, 2014

They are Weird, but I love Them.

If I looked tired and annoyed...I was.

Surprisingly, Aubrey does well with the painting.  This keeps them entertained for awhile, but I have to watch them closely the entire time.

Just some pictures in their fall clothes.  

We always have to do a "'silly picture" these days.

The most embarrassing thing of my adult life - so far- is how these children yell "DADDY!!!!" at every male they see in public.  I took them both to WM on Monday and had a long list (I usually avoid this situation at all costs.) They called men of every size, age, and color daddy.  I was so embarrassed; I wished I was wearing a sign that said "they know their dad, they have the same dad, he lives in our house, I am married to their dad."  I mean how ridiculous is it to have to have a serious long talk about how we do NOT yell "DADDY" at anyone except your real dad, and that you know exactly what your dad looks like, and that you know if he is not with us, he is working?  They are so weird sometimes!!!  What in the world?!  
And, no that was not the first time they've yelled daddy at strange men in public, so I think (HOPE) I've put a stop to it!

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Becky said...

oh my gosh! The daddy thing. I died.