Friday, December 19, 2014


Just playing catch up before we celebrate Christmas!

It's been a good month so far!

We had Christmas in the Cove and the girls still say we are the "taco house."  It was fun!!

Took the girls to the WR Christmas Parade.

Langley's dance class performed at a nursing home.  It was precious.  She was awesome.

Josh and the team ended the semester with a 2 game road trip.  Won both of them.  Finished strong.  We are 5-1 in conference, 6-4 overall.  I'm pleased considering we are only 6 players deep.  And, I got my Christmas wish and  we gain several back at semester because everyone is eligible!!

I took the girls to a wedding on campus for one of Josh's FCA leaders.

We saw santa (that's a separate post.)

Josh and I went to Branson BY OURSELVES for 4 days.  It was so needed.  We have never been away from the girls.  Ever.  So thankful for that little trip!!

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