Friday, December 19, 2014

Santa 2014

I took them to the mall by myself to see Santa.  The mall people tried to tell me I couldn't take personal pictures because it's against policy.  The mall camera was broken and they were waiting for another one to get their from Memphis.  Are you kidding me?

So, here are the official santa photos.  Both girls talked to him and were so excited.

We do santa like any other character.  Santa is fun, like Mickey Mouse is fun.  We are not anti-santa.  But, I do tell them he's not real, just a fun character at Christmas. I don't expect anyone to agree or disagree with this choice.  I don't care what other families do and don't care what anyone else thinks of how we do this.  I hate seeing people get so heated on both sides of this stupid "mommy war."  It ruins everything about Christmas! They know Christmas is Jesus' birthday (first and foremost) and enjoy all the Christmas season has to offer both religious and secular and we love it!!

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