Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The Mustangs are off to a great start this season! All three of our first games have been at home, which is some fine scheduling by the coach I must say. We travel to Paragould Thursday to play Crowley's Ridge College, which will be a good game I'm told.

Our first game was the night of my wreck. I only saw 1 minute of regulation and then overtime. I was so traumatized by that point, the closeness of the game didn't even phase me :-) Here is link to the newspaper write up about that game.

Our second game was Saturday against Lyon. Our play improved and I was proud of this win as well! Both Williams and Lyon have solid programs, so these were good wins for us. I can't find the link to the Log Cabin Democrat Article and the State Paper just included us in the "sports breifs section Sunday and Today (Wednesday) as well. [I'm not complaining, we generally get NO LOVE from any local media, so I'm happy with the coverage.]

Last night's game was against Shepard College - this was their first game EVER. Needless to say our bench played most of the night and everyone, I mean everyone, on our team scored. I couldn't help but feel bad for the other team. We've been there, I know how it feels. As a small college, CBC has to play garuntee games to help fund the athletic program. Most of these games are in the Men's Basketball program - joy. So, we go play NCAA Division 1 and Division 2 teams and get paid for it. We compete with these larger schools most of the time, but then there are times when we play someone like Tennessee Martin and this happens:

Yes, the only player in NCAA history to do this, and it's against little old CBC. We just had to go with the "any press is good press" theory, because CBC was mentioned on SportsCenter.

And then last year, as I tune in on my laptop to our game against Arkansas State and we were UP BY 5....I thougt I was hallucinating...but don't worry ASU called a timeout and kicked it into that D1 overdrive and beat us pretty handidly. But, it's a fun memory.

Our players enjoy competing against these larger schools - one thing is for sure: WE ARE NOT SCARED. I won't mention names, but this year, some schools in our area refused to schedule us or cancelled on us before the season started. For some reason, that brings me a tiny bit of personal satisfaction.

09-10 Season so far....

November 3 vs. Williams Baptist -- CBC Won 86-80

November 7 vs. Lyon College -- CBC Won 78-67

November 10 vs. Shepherd College -- CBC Won 89-51


Aaron New said...
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Aaron New said...

I'm lovin' me some CBC baskeball! Just wish coach would put the cufflinks back on.