Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Season Started with a Bang...or More Like a Crash

I was involved in a car accident Tuesday night as I was on my way to the gym for the game.

I was stopped in a line of traffic at a red light and was rear ended (HARD,) which caused me to hit the car in front of me, and that car hit the vehicle in front of it. I saw it coming. The first thing I thought after I opened my eyes was, "the airbag didn't go off!" I know this is a blessing because I would have been much worse off if the airbag would have hit me and the baby.

I got out of the car and called 911. Everyone was fine, I definitley had the most damage and I was SCARED. TERRIFIED. SCARED TO LOOK DOWN. The 911 dispatcher repeatedly asked me if I was ok, I told her I was 23 weeks pregnant. Again, "are you ok?" "I think so." After the 5th or 6th time, I finally said " ma'am I'm talking to you, standing, walking, don't appear to be bleeding, don't think anything is broken, but I dont know if I'm ok."

The guy who hit me heard me tell 911 I was pregnant and he immediately went into a low-level panic. I couldn't help but feel a little bad for him. Well, after I hung up with 911, I tried to call Josh. It took several phone calls to several different people to get him on the phone. He was in the locker room, bless his heart. Thankfully, my father-in-law was in Conway and my mom was on I40.

It seemed like 30 minutes before the police got to the scene of the accident. I was shaking out of fear, I felt confident I was ok, but I needed to know my baby was ok. During the waiting period and phrenzy of phone calls a precious stranger walked up to me and asked if she could pray for me. I don't remember her name, what I said to her, or even most of the prayer she prayed, but God Bless Her! She prayed for me and the baby, and I'll never forget this stranger.

Finally, the police came, the tow truck came, and an ambulance arrived. I decided to let my father in law take me to the hospital ( I have since been reprimanded several times for not riding in the ambulance, but get over it, I was in shock, I didn't know that was a big deal.) My mom was at the ER waiting. I got in fairly quickly and we heard baby girl's heart beat first thing. The heartbeat was strong and she was moving alll around - I immediatley felt better! Everything checked out fine, I finally stopped shaking, so mom and I headed to the gym.

I caught the last 2 minutes of the game, as they went into overtime. I had had such a traumatic night, that I wasnt even nervous during such a close game! The Mustangs won in overtime by 6 - thank goodness. It was such a crazy night, I was so scared, but I felt the presence of God the entire time.

Josh and I have had many conversations about how many things actually went right in this situation. We are so blessed with family and friends and a workplace that has been so supportive. My car is totaled, so we are dealing with all the insurance and junk like that. This is one of those times I just want someone else to handle it, but I'm the grown up here. We are just thankful that the baby is ok, I am working through my soreness, and trusting the Lord with the stress of all the details that come along with paper work and settlement decisions.

Keep us in your prayers!

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Becky said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so glad you guys are okay! And I'm glad you all won the game. ;)