Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jon and Kate, Thanksgiving Break, Goodness Sakes

Everyone around here is ready for the next few days! On our campus it means ALL the students have to go because we close the residence halls and offices and thus, everyone can actually relax for a bit! I hope to blog during the break, but I realized it had been a week so I decided a post was neccessary today.

My doctor's appointment went well! I gained 4 pounds which is right on track and all my measurements were "perfect" according to the doctor. The visit was very short and sweet. I have the glucose test and an ultrasound next month. That being said, we've decided to wait until after that appointment to announce a name. I am a lunatic, but it is seriously my luck to tell you all my precious little girl's name only to find out in 4 weeks that "she" is actually a "he" - which would really send me into a tailspin! Everytime we do an ultrasound (i've had 4) she has been a little shy, facing the back, or crossing her legs, so "90% sure it's a girl" is the best I've gotten from the Dr. You'll just have to wait on her awesome little name until her lunatic mother accepts that 90% sure is pretty much a sure thing. Goodness Sakes.

We finally settled with the insurance over my wreck will be car shopping. Pray for us - car shopping will challenge our two very different personalities to get along. I will be very intense, focused, down to business. Josh will be very "go with the flow," "we don't have to decide right this minute," "just calm down." Lord give me patience and kind words... And a great new vehicle that I love and won't have buyers remorse over!!!!

Last night I watched the final episode of Jon & Kate Pluse 8. I was a huge fan of the show...you know the ones when they were married. I have made a conscious decision not to watch the show since they announced their divorce. Honestly, it broke my heart, I cried. Neither Jon or Kate was without fault, Lord knows she said some things she regrets, but I just loved watching them and their kids, warts and all. They are Christians, they demonstrated their faith without being pushy or fake, but now it's like watching 2 totally different people. What happened to the Jon who wore t-shirts with bible verses or references or who said his favorite part of their Hawaiin vow renewal was "all the scripture in the vows?" What happened to the Kate who had a million index cards in her kitchen with verses on them and who talked openly about their church? Most everyone has an opinion on this family (I won't open up that can of worms,) but the fact is the demise of their marriage is heartbreaking, losing another Christian presence on television is frustrating, and knowing that those kids will forever have access to some unflattering and untrue stories and photos and opinions of their parents is concerning. I watched last night so I could have closure - I told you I was a fan, I even have Kate's first book- now I hope they will seek God in all they do and eventually HE will be glorified through them.

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