Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Half Birthday!

Langley is 6 months old! 

  • This month, she has started grabbing and reaching for everything. 
  • She's still overall a happy girl and everyone just loves her!  She really seems to have a sweet spirit and a good personality.
  • She can sit up by herself briefly. 
  • She began sleeping unswaddled and likes to sleep on her tummy and side. 
  • She still only uses a paci during naps and sleep time.  ( I included this because I was adamant my child would be rid of a paci by 6 months old.  But, since she's always only wanted it to sleep, I'm not trying to lose the paci right now!)
  • Her hair has really grown in a lot!
  • Bless her heart she woke up this morning with a very runny nose.  She does not like having her nose wiped.