Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Before the Swarm

We have been trying to take advantage of playing outside before the mosquitos get here!  So far, just the gnats and biting flies have the locals tell us :-)  We found the city park yesterday, which is nice and has some shade.  And, this morning was very pleasant with a breeze, so Langley and I played in our own backyard.  Our yard is much better here than in Conway! 

Langley has been pretty cranky and always tired the past few days.  Her top two teeth and maybe some lower molars (?) are bothering her.  She hasn't eaten much either.

And, ya'll, her hair!  Bangs in her face, the mullet.  It's awesome.  We have an appointment with aunt Heather in a few weeks to try and tame that mane!

Langley has not had the traditional seperation anxiety, but hers is more at home.  She does NOT want to be left alone.  Will not play in any room if we are not in there.  Only makes it through a movie (25 minutes) half the time, since I use those minutes to do a chore or shower usually and don't sit in there with her.  I will take this any day though, because she does so well in the nursery or new places and with family.

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