Friday, June 17, 2011

Topics. There are plenty.

Topics to be covered in tonight's post:  the bubble mower, shaved ice and fast food, our washer, and adjusting to life with one bathroom.

The bubble mower is a hit!  Nana and Pawpaw got this for Langley a few months ago, but we just broke it out today.  She loved it!  It was so cute watching her push this thing all over the yard.  It was also perfect for today because we needed to be outside while the maintenance men tried to unclog our washing machine drain and totally stank up the house with some erosion chemicals. 

We used to eat out a lot, but I've been a cooking queen since we've moved.  Mostly out of neccessity, to be honest.  Nothing is really "fast" or convenient here...which is so much healthier, but today I could not take it anymore.  It actually started last night.  My body needed a hamburger.  A fast food burger, preferably McDonalds.  I needed it. I am not pregnant or otherwise hormonal, it's like the fast food has some addictive properties.  Today for lunch, I had a burger from McD's.  It was wonderful and totally satsified my craving.  I cooked dinner.  Well, dinner was cooked only after we had a shaved ice (15 minutes away.)  It's only the 2nd one I've had this summer, but I'm more in love with them than normal.  I got a free one because they were out of the flavor I ordered.  The kindness does not stop up here, I tell ya!

I mentioned our washing machine earlier.  Yesterday as I was washing a big load of towels, and we heard a waterfall coming from the laundry room.  I was so glad Josh was home for this.  The drain is clogged so when it was spinning the water was just pouring out of the pipe.  We had our first flood!  Since we live in a WBC owned house, maintenance came this morning and used some horrible smelling chemicals.  They came back after lunch with some different tools, but told me they could not fix it and would have to call a plumber next week.  Trying to look on the positive side:  I don't have to pay for this and we can wash clothes in the gym.

Our house is older, and like many older homes we have 1 bathroom.  This was my biggest concern moving here.  Seriously.  After one mishap (I won't share the details, but rest assured it was one of the most hilarious things I have ever been a part of,) we now announce when we are going to the rest room to make sure the other person is not in an emergency situation.  I prefer having two bathrooms, but I DONT HATE only having to clean one bathroom!!

Henry is in heaven. 

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