Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Monday was a Monday

Isn't it funny that no matter the time of the year, where you work, or where you are, Mondays can be ummm, challenging?

The day started off great.  Langley and I headed out early to run our Jonesboro errands and got back and unloaded minutes before the rain started!  Score!  However, Langley took a power nap on the way home and then refused to take a real afternoon nap.  She was horrible, my attitude was horrible, it was a yucky day in terms of that.

I did get some cute pictures of her before the "I'm so tired, but I refuse to go to sleep" tantrums started.

After about 14 hours of sleep, we've had a better day today!

I have been looking for a MDO or similar program for Langley to attend once or twice a week in the fall.  There is NOTHING in my area...I would have to drive to Jonesboro.  Lovely.  It will all work out, though.

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