Saturday, February 2, 2013

9 Months Old

Oh, this girl!

Some facts about Aubrey at 9 months old:
-  Still naps 3 times a day
- Eats cereal with fruit at lunch and a veggie and a fruit at dinner, 4 bottles during the day
- sleeps great, still on prevacid
- no teeth yet, but it appears that a lower eye tooth is coming in.  I'm preparing myself that she may look like a little vampire baby :-)
- not yet crawling, but getting up on all fours. she can anywhere she wants by rolling or scooting
-loves it when we put lotion on her after a bath
-loves church and most other social settings, does well at ball games
-still loves to hit, claw, and paw at everything
-has the best baby thunder thighs ever
-says mama when she's upset
-occasionally babbles dada or bye bye
-still yells and shreiks and squeals a lot.  this is when she's happy/excited or upset
-loves books, the jumper, and emptying any container.  She will sometimes swing and watch a praise baby dvd
-she's a happy girl and everyone loves her!

I've been trying to savor every baby thing about her.  I try to kiss those cheeks, smell her head, appreciate the drool, and get in a few extra cuddles any time I can.  This time is so short and so precious.  I'm very aware of it as Langley will be 3 in 1 month and it makes me cry just thinking about it.

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