Wednesday, February 6, 2013

So far this week...

Langley experienced her first book fair at her school.  She was super excited!  After figuring out very quickly that letting her pick the books wasn't going to work (complete meltdown,) I picked out a Clifford book and a Doc McStuffins book and handed them to her when I picked her up the next day. She was thrilled!

We had the team over last night for taco soup and banana pudding.  Fun was had by all.

Aubrey had her 9 month check up.  She is perfect and weighs 19 POUNDS and 3 OUNCES.  I had no clue she had grown that much!

We took Langley to Aubrey's appointment because she needed to have her ears rechecked since finishing antibiotics and she started complaining of some other discomfort last night.  It worked out perfectly because A already had the appointment and Josh could go and help me wrangle both girls.  L has a common side effect of taking antibiotics when you don't eat enough yogurt. (If you don't figure it out, it's kind of a girl thing.)  Bless her heart!  But her ears look great :-)

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