Saturday, February 23, 2013


Here's a recap of our week in list form.  The pictures have nothing to do with anything.

-  Josh played in his annual -once- a- year- intramural- basketball appearance.  Apparently he was the leading scorer.  Of course he hurt his knee.  He gets hurt (thank goodness usually minor) every year.

-We had senior night.  The girls and I were happy to stand with Rashad.  We won the game and tied the school record for most wins in a season.

-Our toilet overflowed - majorly- right before the game.  I don't handle poop floods very well.

- We had some ice this week.  School was cancelled one day but, thankfully, it was not bad for us.

- Aubrey still won't crawl. She's all over the place.  Scooting, backing up, rolling, but not crawling.

- We (finally) lowered Aubrey's bed.

- Today is the last game of the regular season.  We've survived.  And, God has been good to "us" on the basketball court this year.  I cleaned the kitchen and cried thinking about our seniors yesterday.

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