Friday, January 15, 2010

Baby Update

Just got back from the doctor and I'm so thankful that Langley and I are both very healthy at this point! My blood pressure was good - 110/70. My weight gain - on track...I can't say that 26 pounds feels "good," but it's normal.

Langley is for sure a girl, we all got a great view finally! She has long legs and is estimated to weigh 5 lbs and 10oz already. Both Josh and I were over 8 lbs at birth, so it's not a surprise she's already a pretty big girl! And, her precious little heartbeat was 138.

There have been a few appointmentss were I left feeling overwhelmed or discouraged, but today I left with an overwhelming feeling of thankfulness and excitement!

I washed newborn clothes and bedding last night. Again, I was so thankful because I realized I don't have to buy any newborn sized clothes! We've had hand-me-downs and I've made 2 ebay purchases, which left me with a full large load of newborn sized clothes (let's be real, she won't be newborn sized for long!) So so thankful for generous loved ones who've shared with us and the good deals I've found on ebay! Also, I don't need any more newborn sized diapers, we have at least 5 large packs already!

Josh will paint and we will work on getting that room together this weekend! Now, I just have to find a spot for all the junk that is currently in her closet :-)


Becky said...

I just laughed about your closet comment- we're in the process of switching our office/guest room to a baby/guest room and it has been TOUGH to find places for all of the *crap* we've accumulated in there! I'm dreading the closet! :)

Ashley Fisher :) said...

looove the name Langley!!

The Cates Fam said...

if langley's digestive system is anything like addison, you will need WAY more than 5 boxes of new born diapers. haha....

can't wait to see pictures of the nursery!