Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Childbirth Class Highlights - Part 3

Well, sorry to disappoint you, but class this week was very calm. I did not make a scene (except when I almost choked to death on my gum and had to leave the room to cough) and not a lot struck me funny.

We finished our floor work. Josh and I couldn't really talk at all because of the chance of another laughing outburst. Then our topic was pain relief, I'm talking the DRUGS! I had a lot of questions about epidurals, so did everyone else.

Here's the deal. I am not pro or anti epidural. I always figured I would have one, but I trust my body to do things it was made to do. I don't want to get an epidural when I'm at a 2, then have to lay in the bed for the next 24 hours. That does not appeal to me at all. I will go as far as I can, being able to move around, out of the bed, before I get an epidural. Plus, I'm guessing that most of my labor will be in my back (just like my momma) and epidurals aren't effective in that case...all it would do would prevent "exit pain" as the nurse put it.
{This now concludes my personal views on pain relief. I'm not looking for a debate. Each woman and labor is different. People who do it all with no drugs are SOLDIERS in my opinion.}

We did not get to go on our tour of the Women's Center because all of the rooms were filled with momma's having babies and the operating rooms were also occupied. The warmer weather had a effect on some people! So, we spent the last 30 minutes or so just freely talking and asking random questions. Next week, post partum issues and (hopefully) the tour to conclude our classes!

Told you it was uneventful!!!!!!


The Bells said...

Still glad you shared! And I can attest to the fact that epidurals don't work for back pain. Zane was "face up", so I had lots of back pain. But, then again, I still felt ALLL of my contractions, too. Not to scare you or anything.... ;)

Anonymous said...

I delivered Sawyer without any medication. If you are interested we can talk about it some time. I promise it is not that bad. Stephanie Cowden