Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Childbirth Class Highlights - 4th and Final Part

Well, Monday night has come and gone and we are now graduates of the Conway Regional Prepared Childbirth Series. I would recommend this class if you are a first time parent and giving birth at this hospital. The most valuable thing is just knowing more what to expect from the staff at this hospital and feeling comfortable with the common policies and procedures. The actual birth stuff is the standard stuff you read in most books and websites, but you probably can't hear it enough. I do a lot better in any situation when I know what to expect, so yay for this class, our super fun nurses, and not having to check in to a totally foreign place to have a baby!

Our fellow class attenders were again entertaining. Now for the highlights...

1) A version of this conversation actually happened in a LDRP room:

Wife #1 - "can we see the placenta?"

Nurse #1 - "yes, ask the doctor" (she then goes on to explain what the placenta looks like, the texture, etc.)

Josh - "i bet it makes good catfish bait"

Lucky - "oh yeah, good bait"

Wife #2 - "we had some friends that took hers home and put it in her lasagna"

2) During a discussion on post-partum depression, I looked at Josh and said "you think I already have this!" We laughed. He agreed.

3) One thing I had no idea about was the sitz bath...i had no clue, I thought it meant an actual bath in a tub. After seeing an actual sitz bath, Josh says "I may need to borrow that."

4) We met the triage nurse. I don't remember her name, but I just call her boss lady. She determines whether or not you get to stay.

5) The security at Conway Regional is pretty impressive. Please don't let it be my family who wants to show off the baby in the waiting area and shuts the entire women's center down - i'm talking LOCK down if a baby goes out of the specified areas.

6) The scrubs for the OR do not fit Josh. They may have to tie 2 sets together to go around his shoulders. Josh commented how the OR reminded him of an execution...I think it's the whole being strapped down thing. Lovely thought.

And on a final note, I went to the doctor yesterday and got checked. No progress. I go back in 2 weeks - I'll be 37 weeks, so I'm expecting/praying for some kind of progress at that point.

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Whitney said...

just fyi...

sitz bath after childbirth = a little piece of heaven on earth ;)

glad you are doing well! i know you're so ready for that sweet baby to get here!