Tuesday, February 9, 2010

stir crazy blog-slacker

Last week was crazy. It was Homecoming Week at CBC, so work was very busy. I just did not feel like blogging, I only checked facebook like 4 times the whole week.

I ended up spending most of Thursday at home because of some wierd pains and pressure I was having. I put myself to bed that day because I new I would be worthless Friday and Saturday if I didnt. I felt a lot better after my day of rest on Thursday - thank you Lord!

I had 3 showers last week! 1 at school, 1 with my Life Group ladies, and 1 with family in Arkadelphia. I'll post pictures later.

Homecoming went very well. We had a Preview Day on top of the alumni activities and, of course, the ball game. Speaking of ball game...It is a miracle, a real miracle, that I didnt go into labor. Long story short, we were down by 22 at one point and came back and WON by 1. It was the ugliest win I've ever seen. I was exhausted when it was over, I guess I had used all my energy taking deep breaths and trying to remain calm.

Saturday night I went to bed at 8pm, because I new Sunday was a big day. I needed to feel good because Sunday included Life Group, Worship Service, Lunch and baby shower after church with Life Group, drive to Arkadelphia for a family shower, stop in Magnet, and watching the 2nd half of the Super Bowl with a home group from our church...did I mention I'm 37 weeks pregnant?

So, I survived a busy but FUN week - apparently I totally missed the fact that we were getting an Arkansas style blizzard on Monday. I was clueless about the snow, but snow is what we got - 7 inches of it at our house!

I had all ready planned on taking Monday off to run errands and do some baby stuff. But, I was stuck in the house. I'm stuck in the house again today. Josh is stuck too. His game in Dallas has been rescheduled for Thursday. Honestly, I was pretty productive yesterday, but I was hurting. Not contractions, just pain and pressure that I have not previously experienced.
There are still some things we need to do and buy before Langley arrives, but everything we do have is washed and put in it's place. I even packed our bags for the hospital.

Langley is now considered full term as I am 37 weeks. I go to the doctor Thursday morning. Josh will already be on the road, so let's hope I haven't made too much progress! By the way, I am feeling a lot better today. Just the normal heaviness and random aches, not the constant nagging aches and pains I had yesterday. I took a warm bath last night which really helped and I slept well, only having to get up twice between 9 pm and 6:30 am!!

I'll be writing Thank-you notes and watching Couples Retreat, between loads of laundry today.


The Bells said...

37 Weeks? Already? I know you're not thinking that, but it seems like it has flown by! I remember being MISERABLE at 35 weeks, even blogged about it. Hope you are feeling well! Keep us updated!

Summer said...

I ran across your blog through Julee's and it is super cute by the way! I love that name Langley....I have never heard it before but I love it!

Have a great day
Summer :0)