Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm up at 5:30 am on a Saturday

and here's what is going on in my mind...

1. I love Babies R Us. It must be because I don't get to go very often, but buying diapers, wipes, and bottles there last night was just way more fun than at Wal-Mart. I used to be that way with Kroger too. Just buying normal groceries at Kroger in Hot Springs was just fun because we didn't have one in Arkadelphia. Am I the only weirdo who gets excited about such things?

2. I can't wait for Langley to wear her new monogrammed things I ordered from Olioh! I still can't believe the onesie was only $5.50.

3. The new lip smacking thing Langley started yesterday is so funny. She's not hungry when she does it.

4. My heart could burst every time she laughs out loud, I really hope I can get it on video. I wonder when she'll roll over. I will want that on video too. I don't know how to upload videos on the blog. Maybe I should practice.

5. I need to make plans for next weekend and buy Brooke a graduation present. Wow, Brooke is graduating from high school...and going to OBU! She's so pretty. I hope she stays away from the tools who will want to date her and find nice boys to date. I can't wait to see her in Tiger Tunes.

6. I really need my hair done.

7. I need to get Langley on a solid nap schedule. I'm glad she's been taking more naps in her bed. She likes to nap on her tummy sometimes. I should take a nap today since I'm up right now. Oh look the sun is coming up.

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The Happy Hatch Family said...

You can do the videos, it is super easy. It's pretty much just like the pictures, you'll just have to find the video in a different place! Love the new pics, she's such a cutie pie!