Saturday, May 1, 2010

2 Months Old!

Langley is two months old! I took her pictures on her 8-week birthday :-) She is wearing one of my baby dresses, just for you Mimi!

My baby is growing so fast. She is babbling more, enjoys the bumbo, gaining neck control, and smiles every day! I just love her! She is weighing about 11 pounds and is getting so long. She stays awake most of the day, just taking little cat naps, and sleeps very well at night. She is not on a strict schedule because I'm not home to keep her on one, but she is pretty predictable and normally will eat, be awake, then sleep. She is on all formula and eats 4 oz 7 times a day.

I've learned that sometimes she just wants to be alone. As I type this, she is awake in the swing just looking around and content. The playmat is more and more popular especially when she can bat at the animals and rattles. She is a good traveler and I often catch her looking at herself in her monkey mirror on the backseat. Her relationship with the paci is unpredictable, sometimes it's a must, or we may go a full day without it.

Every night when we put her to bed, we swaddle her then pray over her. It's my second favorite time of the time. My favorite time of the day is waking her up in the morning, watching her stretch and normally getting a big smile while I change her. Then, I feed her, drink my coffee, and we read if there is time. On mornings I'm not going in to the office we play in the floor for awhile and I do my devotional in her room with her.
Some of my favorite out-takes from the 2month photo shoot...

I love her more each day.

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J said...

Rachel, you make me smile. =) Langley is beautiful! (And simply precious!) I'm sure her first basketball game will arrive sooner than you wish. lol