Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Playing Catch Up Again

Saturday: CBC Graduation! Ryan Barnes and Rodderick Briggs got their diplomas! Josh was such a proud Papa Bear! I was on the stage [crying, by the way,] so Josh was the photographer during the ceremony. After graduation, we went on a date. Thank you God for sushi. Oh, California and Spicy Tuna rolls how I've missed you! Langley stayed with Christi and made me a Mother's Day craft. It is so cute and special with her hand and foot prints! I also found the lost bag of Langley's sentimental clothes that I put away and forgot where. The bag was in MY closet. On a hanger. Whatever.

Sunday: Mother's Day! Langley made me another Mother's Day craft at Sunday School. So precious! And apparently she was a little more cooperative with her hands this time :-) Langley also got to meet Courtney for the first time.

Monday: work and started feeling worse. I got in bed early dressed in sweats and covered up with 2 comforters, still shivering. Can we say fever?
Tuesday: went to the doctor. Langley got to stay with Sarah and was so happy and took a nap when I got her back so apparently she had a great time! I have a $6 perscription for a sinus infection and these two cuties now at home with me...

Seriously, the above picture makes me laugh for so many reasons.
Josh had to go on a recruiting trip, but he also got to meet his new cousin baby Porter! He went on and on about how tiny he was and how Langley could eat him...or maybe they should be friends. When Josh got home he was holding Langley and says aloud, "I wonder if she can smell Porter on me." I about died laughing!
Hopefully I'll feel better soon and no one else in the house gets sick. I've scheduled other posts for the week in case I don't feel like blogging :-)


The Cates Fam said...

um, i love your little girl!! she is adorable and looks just like her daddy!!!!

AshWad said...

Thoroughly enjoy your posts. Miss Langley is one beautiful little lady. :)