Friday, July 1, 2011

I Have a 16 Month Old...

who really needs a longer nap!

At this age, when she's good, she's SO GOOD.  When she's bad she's REAL BAD. 

This past month she has : 
...adjusted quickly and easily to our new house. 
...visited 3 different church nurseries and had fun. 
...become quite the water baby.  My mom got her a water table, which she loves!  At first she splashed and splashed, then she would dunk her face in trying to drink the water.  We also have an inflatable pool in the back yard that I put her in for the first time today.  It's pretty big (over 6 feet long) and I put about a foot of water in it.  She ran back and forth until she stopped shivering, then would put her face in, splash, and lick the water.  She had a blast.  I actually shed a tear because she was so happy and not doing anything she wasn't supposed to.  I kind of expected her to fall over the side or eat grass or something else, but, it was 40 minutes of bliss!

...gotten her first skinned knees yesterday and didn't even cry.  They both bled.  I wanted to cry.
...really gotten into animals.  She calls every animal a "puppy."
...formed a friendship with Henry.  We must give Henry credit.  He lets her hug him, pat him (sometimes too hard,) lay her head on him, and take his toys away.  Normally, "puppy" is the very first thing she says in the mornings. Let's pretend it has nothing to do with my appearance at 8 am.
...loved being outside.
...started trying to repeat more of what we say.
...always answers yes or no by shaking her head appropriately.
...started transitioning to some 3T pajamas, and some 3T shirts, but still wears mostly 24 months or 2T clothes.
...brought us great joy and exhaustion!

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