Friday, July 8, 2011

Title - Less

Williams starts school later (August 31) than most due to mosquitos.  I would say the swarm arrived last week and it is now in full force.  Some nice neighbors just dropped by to introduce themselves and approximately 10,000 mosquitos flew into my house.  I sprayed OFF all around the door. Note to self: if I ever try to do something nice for the new people, don't go at dusk in the middle of July.

I got a text from Josh today that said "I'm kickin' it with Anderson."  I thought he meant Jason Anderson.  Nope, Mike Anderson.  As in Razorback Coach Anderson. ** I replied, "I'm kickin' it with your whiney-butt daughter."  This must have been between 4-5 pm.  As I mentioned on FB, that is the worst hour of the day around here!

Langley will cover her mouth and laugh, which makes me laugh no matter what.  She will also dance to anything that has any form of a's always hilarious, but my favorite is the "hot dog dance."  Her dancing is mostly nodding of the head and stomping her feet. She has inherited her father's dance skillz. 

God has answered so many prayers during this move.  He orchestrated the move of some other OBU people here at the same time!  Not to mention a Chi Delta sister who lives 10 miles away-- in the town I go to for Walmart! Pretty cool, huh?!  Before long Walnut Ridge/College City/Pocahontas/Lawrence County/Randolph County will be the place to be ;-)

**I will clarify that by "kickin' it" my husband meant he introduced himself and they chatted for about 5 minutes at a recruiting thing today.  This was not nearly as funny to me as when he met Coach K.  "I met coach K!  He called me Josh!" Oh the memories :-)

Sorry no pictures tonight, I'll have some up in the next day or two!

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