Monday, July 11, 2011

If You Can't Beat It...

There's no way to beat this kind of heat (100+ degrees!)  The kiddie pool and a water hose are really the only relief we could get today!

 We loaded up on sunscreen, drinks, and some toys and had ball for nearly two hours in our own backyard!
 We also had a lawn chair and the water table.  Redneck? Probably.  Do I care? Not so much.

 I finally figured out that if I would wear a hat, Langley would too!  I'm so glad she wanted to be like Momma because I was so worried about the top of her head getting burned!

Funny girl!

I just remembered Langley got another inflatable slip n slide type thing for her birthday.  We may be breaking that out tomorrow! 

The news just said it is 102 here right now with a heat index of 111.  Thank goodness we have some left overs, because I refuse to turn on an oven!

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